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TLDR: My 2019 Macbook Pro 16" 5300M gets hot and noisy when connected to a 2560x1440p60 monitor, even when idle and the lid is closed. This article outlines a partial solution that enables silent operation.

This Medium article itself has gotten 45K+ views, 300+ upvotes/comments on Hacker News, and 450+ upvotes on Reddit, and many comments confirming that this solution worked for other people.

The 2019 MacBook Pro 16" with base 5300M GPU has a problem.

If you connect models with this specific GPU to an external monitor with an extremely specific (but common) resolution, many users report that their…

Do you have an older PC that can’t seem to play video on sites like YouTube or Twitch without tons of frame drops on Chrome?

If you enable the

Override software rendering list

Overrides the built-in software rendering list and enables GPU-acceleration on unsupported system configurations. — Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS, Android


setting in chrome://flags/

you might get incredible performance gains while streaming video!

Before I was getting constant frame drops, but now I can even stream 1080p 60 fps video with no frame drops on a $399 2011 Costco Desktop with an AMD Radeon HD 6530D!

Makes an old PC feel like a modern one!

Back to S3: AWS’s object store. Please check out part 1 of this article as well!

So, my company was storing ~3 PB. (Yes 3 PETABYTES) of data in the default / most expensive S3 storage tier.

Their usage patterns on this data matched the use case of the S3 Standard Infrequent Access storage tier. The TLDR is it costs half as much but charges per GB retrieval fees. A quick cost analysis proved this matched the usage patterns of the data being stored, so I switched over the data store tier.

3 PB of data costs about $600K a…

AWS’s object store is S3: Simple Storage Service.

Sometimes, people define object lifecycle timelines to automatically delete objects after a certain period of time.

For example, this is a common object lifecycle at my company:

By default, this does what you expect, expire objects after 30 days. By default, expiring objects hard deletes objects, so I’m no longer charged for storing these objects.

But if you enable versioning (which is required for features like S3 Replication) on your S3 bucket after the fact, suddenly the definition of expiration changes behavior to only soft delete after 30 days. …

So maybe you’re a prospective Computer Science major.

Or maybe you’re just someone who took an intro CS course online like Harvard’s Intro to Computer Science CS50.

And you are looking for a side project idea to exercise your skills.

The best side projects solve real problems that you yourself face. Or one that a community or group you are in faces.

For example, when I was in college one problem I faced was that I got tired of opening up 6 different websites (each corresponding to a different dining hall) just to check the menus and decide where I…

I started with a home network that only had a wired connection via a modem.

All it took was buying a relatively cheap $20 router off of Amazon, and suddenly I have in-home wifi.

I didn’t need to get an expensive router since my network speeds aren’t that fast anyways.

These days, I even see brand new unopened routers in Goodwill.

Is your old PC really slow or crashing a lot? The problem is probably that you are using an SSD and not an HDD.

They’ve gotten a lot cheaper over the years, so now’s a good time to upgrade.

And it is actually really easy to open a desktop PC and just plug in an SSD.

All it takes is two wires, a power cable that’s already inside, and a data cable that I salvaged from an even older Windows Vista PC.

And the SSD itself is super light and can be held up by the wires themselves. …

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