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TLDR: My 2019 Macbook Pro 16" 5300M gets hot and noisy when connected to a 2560x1440p60 monitor, even when idle and the lid is closed. This article outlines a partial solution that enables silent operation.

This Medium article itself has gotten 45K+ views, 300+ upvotes/comments on Hacker News, and 450+…

Back to S3: AWS’s object store. Please check out part 1 of this article as well!

So, my company was storing ~3 PB. (Yes 3 PETABYTES) of data in the default / most expensive S3 storage tier.

Their usage patterns on this data matched the use case of the S3…

AWS’s object store is S3: Simple Storage Service.

Sometimes, people define object lifecycle timelines to automatically delete objects after a certain period of time.

For example, this is a common object lifecycle at my company:

By default, this does what you expect, expire objects after 30 days. By default, expiring…

So maybe you’re a prospective Computer Science major.

Or maybe you’re just someone who took an intro CS course online like Harvard’s Intro to Computer Science CS50.

And you are looking for a side project idea to exercise your skills.

The best side projects solve real problems that you yourself…

I started with a home network that only had a wired connection via a modem.

All it took was buying a relatively cheap $20 router off of Amazon, and suddenly…

Is your old PC really slow or crashing a lot? The problem is probably that you are using an SSD and not an HDD.

They’ve gotten a lot cheaper over the years, so now’s a good time to upgrade.

And it is actually really easy to open a desktop PC…

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